Structum, carries out full-cycle construction work in the design, supply, and construction (EPC) of energy facilities. The scope of the company’s activities cover all stages of the turnkey construction process and encompass a wide range of construction services, including:

  • integrated project management
  • design and definition of technical and economic indicators of the object
  • material procurement
  • the obtainment of permits
  • expert examination
  • object construction
  • the commission of the facility after the completion of construction.

Our great experience in the implementation of EPC projects and the availability of all necessary resources provide us with opportunities for large-scale construction work.

Structum , can provide EPC + services with involvement of Subcontractors while remaining responsible to the Customer for the results of their work.



Structum, offers construction services and development, as well as the opportunity to increase the economic attractiveness of energy objects, thus encouraging investment funds.

Structum, offers a full range of development services, including initiating and executing concept development work, designing, legal and technical analysis, organization of permission documentation, construction, engineering support, commercial development, and implementation of the finished object.

This line of company activity consists of detailed support of the construction process.

At each stage, the company, as a reliable Contractor, pays maximum attention to the quality and compliance to ensure completion within the deadlines.

We are constantly developing the potential and refining technology to create and implement the most complex projects.

Project support

Structum, provides management services, supports projects, and oversees the implementation of the construction from the beginning of the design of construction to the commissioning of the finished object in operation.

Proper controls are a guarantee of minimizing risks.

The analysis of design and construction documentation, the monitoring of construction stages, the quality control of completed works are among a few of the many capabilities of Struсtum.

The complex of services in support of construction projects includes:

  • drawing up a complete technical assignment for project work
  • supporting the survey and design works in preparation of procuring materials for the inspection
  • managing construction over the project implementation
  • managing project documentation, the results of engineering surveys, the building codes and rules, and the project execution
  • maintaining adherence to the budget
  • complying with deadlines for construction works and regulatory requirements
  • controlling the quality and scope of the work.

Our expertise in the details and our high level of professionalism allow our experts in the field of design to supervise and control the execution of work at all stages of project development.