We guarantee the implementation of projects of any scale and complexity at the highest level.

Due to the professionalism, experience and strong project management culture, the company is able to minimize the risks and ensure the highest quality of project implementation.

In today’s competitive environment our team is effectively working to minimize project cost for the Customer.

We can carefully and timely assess the risks and offset them using our experience, knowledge and high technological level of management and construction processes.

All our efforts are aimed at building strong, long-term partnerships with each customer.


Structum maintains a high level of safety production and adheres to technical and environmental standards. Company is distinguished by its well-balanced system of work organization and effective approach to project implementation. We strive to provide unparalleled quality in construction.

The main goal of our management approach is eco-management, which helps us to achieve an optimal balance between environmental and economic performance.

The environmental management system ensures active monitoring, management, and prevention of environmental risks, which is proved by the success of our projects.

Principles of eco-management:

  • preliminary assessment of all possible risks;
  • orientation to economic motivation;
  • timely resolution of problems;
  • responsibility for the environmental consequences of management decisions at any level;
  • prioritizing environmental issues.

By choosing the company`s services you contribute to the development of a modern society based on the principles of environmentalism and strategic thinking.



Structum is a part of CEP Group Holding, an expert in power and industrial construction.

The availability of personnel, professional and technical resources in each of the companies of CEP Group Holding, guarantees that our projects are provided with the necessary resources.

The company has a large group of qualified personnel for the implementation of energy and industrial construction projects and the construction of renewable energy generation facilities.

The company’s technical equipment and experience allow us to implement projects in different climatic conditions in voltage classes up to 110-750 kV.


The company’s resources, experience, and technical capacity allow us to implement the construction of energy facilities in voltage classes up to 750 kV, as well as industrial and infrastructure facilities in different geographical zones and adverse climatic conditions.

We have experience in independent project implementation as well as within national and international consortia.

Our experience shows that the best results can be achieved by applying proven classical technologies and innovative technical solutions. We use modern construction equipment and involving highly motivated qualified personnel.