Industrial construction

Construction of industrial facilities by Structum

Structum is also a provider of industrial construction services.

Structum offers a full range of services in this field, namely:

  • Design and development of facilities with different degrees of complexity.
  • Supply of materials and equipment.
  • Construction and installation works.
  • Construction of reinforced concrete, monolith and pile foundations for buildings and process equipment.
  • Erection of monolith, reinforced concrete buildings and structures
  • Construction of space-frame buildings.
  • Installation and set-up of process equipment.
  • Maintenance of existing facilities and commissioning new ones.
  • Emergency restoration, start-up and adjustment works.

We provide services on the construction of modern industrial facilities of any scale and complexity in Ukraine, such as workshops and factory buildings, warehouses and logistics complexes, light and heavy industry plants, agricultural complexes.

Design of industrial facilities by Structum

Before proceeding with the construction of industrial buildings and structures, a detailed project needs to be developed. This stage involves detailed calculations, development of process flow diagrams, selection of equipment and structural units needed for the construction of the facility.

Structum offers a full end to end integrated design of the manufacturing premises. Project documentation is developed in compliance with the building codes, regulations and standards and taking into account particular customer requirements.

Structum’s competitive advantages on the Ukrainian construction market

Industrial construction is characterized by a great variety of design and planning solutions, as well as a broad scope of construction and installation works. In other words, industrial construction is an extremely labour-intensive process. In this discipline, Structum has all resources necessary to meet customer’s requirements and requests. Structum always completes industrial construction projects in time, while minimizing customer’s costs and risks.

Our main priorities include a deep understanding of customer needs, reasonable approach to implementation of each particular project and responsibility for the result. Acting in the best interests of our customers and business partners has always been our top concern.

More than 300 qualified Structum’s technicians and administrative employees having relevant degrees ensure successful implementation of the construction progress. Construction of industrial facilities is carried out in compliance with national and international regulations and standards.

Availability of its own production facilities allows Structum to construct industrial buildings without engaging machinery or equipment from external contractors. This, in turn, significantly reduces the project implementation time.

Besides, Structum has construction experience in different geographical regions and severe climatic conditions. We deliver projects both independently and as a part of national and international consortia.

Structum always assesses all potential environmental hazards caused by construction of industrial buildings. The environmental management system in place in the company allows to identify, monitor and prevent risks to the environment. We reduce the negative effect on the environment through an adequate selection of eco-friendly materials to decrease the amount of atmospheric emissions. If necessary, we take care of the disposal of the dismantled equipment and materials formed generated during the reconstruction of the facility.

Individual approach to each client, responsibility, professional competence, environmental awareness and strong resource and technical base allow us to make deliberate and balanced decisions during construction.