Safety and Quality


The safety of employees, customers, and the general public is extremely important to the company. Our employees work in difficult areas and cover thousands of kilometers every year. Keeping people safe is the most important task. In addition to all other tasks, we persistently maintain a safe work environment and care about preserving the environment. Safety is a matter of compliance with national and international norms and laws.

High requirements

High demands are placed on construction in the energy sector – first of all, its safety, quality, reliability and compliance with all international standards and norms. That is why Structum adheres to the necessary standards, norms, and rules of labor protection at all stages of work, according to the international certification system (ISO), starting from the development of project documentation and ending with the commissioning of the finished object of construction. The purpose of the company is to make ecological and safe construction of main power transmission lines, using modern progressive construction technologies.


We pay the same attention to the quality of our services. In this regard, all employees and partners work to ensure high-quality standards. Quality management system and project planning allow us to consistently provide a high level of performance according to customer specifications, drawings, and documentation for all projects, which we carry out. ​​This is achieved through continuous improvement of quality and safety, which ensures the effective planning, operation, and execution of all processes.