Safety and Quality

The safety of employees, customers and the general public is extremely important to our company. Our employees work on difficult terrain and travel thousands of kilometers every year. Guaranteeing people’s safety day-to-day is paramount to our specialists. In addition to our regular tasks, we continuously maintain labor safety and care for the environment. For us, safety is a matter of compliance with national and international norms and laws.

High demands are placed on construction in the energy sector – above all, those for safety, quality, reliability and compliance with all international standards and norms.

Structum follows the necessary labor safety standards, rules and regulations at all stages, according to the international certification system (ISO) – from the developing of project documentation to commissioning the finished object. The company aims for the eco-friendly and safe construction of main power lines by using cutting-edge technologies in this field.

We also pay close attention to the quality of our services. All employees and partners of our company work to ensure high quality standards.

Our quality management system and quality assurance planning allow us to consistently maintain a high level of performance in accordance with the Customer’s specifications, drawings and documentation for all our projects. We make it possible through continuous improvement in quality and safety, which in turn provides ample opportunity for the efficient planning, operation and implementation of all our processes.