Our advantages

Our experience gained in the implementation of the largest infrastructure projects in Ukraine, high level of qualified specialists, and the level of technical equipment guarantee the timely and safe implementation of the project of any scale and complexity, in any part of Ukraine.

About us

Structum is a general contractor in the electric power industry and industrial construction. The company, through its resources and experience, provides a full range of professional services:

  • engineering
  • supply of equipment and materials
  • construction of electric power infrastructure in voltage classes up to 750 kV and industrial facilities.

In our work, we are focused on our Customers’ success.

Experience gained in the implementation of the largest infrastructure projects in Ukraine, the staff of highly knowledgeable specialists and level of technological infrastructure, guarantees the timely and safe implementation of the project of any scale and complexity in any part of Ukraine.

Our services

Structum is a Ukrainian construction company.

We specialize in the following areas:

  • Electric power– construction of overhead power lines, substations and cable lines;
  • Industrial construction;
  • Renewable energy – construction of wind and solar power plants;
  • Rail network installation;
  • Emergency restoration.

Moreover, Structum provides full-cycle of engineering services, such as:

  • preparing design specifications for development of the design and estimate documentation in collaboration with the customer;
  • feasibility studies – selecting the most cost-effective and technologically advanced option;
  • estimating environmental impact;
  • surveys in the fields of engineering geodesy and engineering geology;
  • development of design and estimate documentation;
  • arranging design decisions with all stakeholders, passing expert examination of design and estimate documentation;
  • obtaining construction permits;
  • land-use planning;
  • construction works and commissioning;
  • facility maintenance;
  • other services related with the specifics of the construction each particular facility.

In our work, we are focused by our customer’s success. Our goal is to provide the customer with high quality services and implement their projects to a high standard. For this reason, Structum as a design and construction company applies both traditional methodologies acknowledged by time and innovative technologies. We build not only top-notch facilities, but also strong, long-term relationships with our customers, whereas a deep understanding of their needs and requirements is our main priority.

The company employs over 300 workers and administrative personnel. To ensure the accuracy and timeliness of calculations, the company has a strong financial department, which consists of highly qualified employees. This is an essential element of due project implementation and rendering quality services to the customer. We only recruit specialists with a university-level degree and offer additional vocational training if needed.

Ukrainian construction company Structum implement projects of any scale and complexity, monitoring and controlling the construction processes at all stages. Since it was founded, our construction company has implemented a large number of strategic projects in Ukraine. The works have been performed by the company independently or as part of national and international consortia.

Furthermore, Structum is equipped with enterprise assets and production resources. Having over 100 pieces of specialized equipment and special machines allows the company to perform works in all construction stages.

It is worth mentioning that Structum complies with all relevant regulations, standards and labor safety rules provided by ISO (International Organization for Standardization).

Structum engineering and construction company pays great attention to applying environmental policies in its enterprise activities. Our thorough approach to implementing eco-management standards enables us to control and prevent negative outcomes for the natural environment. We reduce our ecological impact as we choose and use high-quality materials, maintain a safe working environment and put our efforts into nature conservation. Mitigating environmental risks is one of our key focuses in project implementation.

While performing the works, we minimize noise pollution to avoid negative consequences for the environment. We take full responsibility for the environmental effect or aftermath of our management decisions at any level.