• Integrated project management
  • Design and definition of technical and economic indicators of the object
  • Ensuring a set of measures related to the implementation of land survey works and preparation of relevant documentation required for the construction and further operation of the energy facility in compliance with current legislation
  • Material procurement
  • The obtainment of permits
  • Expert examination
  • Object construction
  • The commission of the facility after the completion of construction.


  • Initiating and executing concept development work
  • Designing
  • Legal and technical analysis
  • Organization of permission documentation
  • Construction
  • Engineering support
  • Commercial development and implementation of the finished object.


Project support
  • Drawing up a complete technical assignment for project work
  • Supporting the survey and design works in preparation of procuring materials for the inspection
  • Managing construction over the project implementation
  • Managing project documentation, the results of engineering surveys, the building codes and rules, and the project execution
  • Maintaining adherence to the budget
  • Complying with deadlines for construction works and regulatory requirements
  • Controlling the quality and scope of the work.