The reconstruction of towers, section No. 69-140, No. 172 portal SS 330 kV «Dnipro-Donbas» OHL 330 kV L-201/202 «Zaporizka 750 – Dnipro-Donbas №1, №2»

Reconstruction was performed on the existing route OHL with the maximum possible conservation of the space of allocated land plots.

The length of the reconstruction section of the double circuit OHL is 16.3 km. In administrative terms, most of the route lies outside settlements Zaporizhya and Vilnyansky in the Zaporizka region.

The peculiarity of the OHL 330 kV reconstruction is that the work was carried out in difficult conditions near the operating OHL.

In the framework of the project, the installation required 77 towers and the installation of 204.4 km of wire. It also required 34.6 km of the ground wire.