The Construction of OHL 330 kV “Novokakhovska-Ostrovska”

The total length of the OHL is 27.6 km. The OHL route runs through the Kherson region territory.

The project envisages a new construction of the double circuit OHL 330 kV, which includes the installation of 85 foundations and 85 power transmission line towers, the installation of a wire 339.2 km long, and the installation of ground wire (including OPGW).

Reconstruction of the existing OHL 330 kV involves the replacement of 19 towers and foundations, the reinstallation of existing wire, and the installation of a new ground wire (including OPGW).

OHL reconstruction is performed in extremely difficult conditions since the OHL route runs within Nova Kakhovka and crosses a great number of engineering and communication structures.

Installation of steel towers near the SS «Novokakhovska» was performed by the ”extension method.”