The construction of OHL 330 kV “Novokakhovska – Khersonska”

The route lies through the Kherson region territory.

Within the project implementation, a new double-circuit OHL 330 kV was built with a total length of 15.0 km. The reconstruction of the existing OHL 330 kV had a total length of 35.5 km long.

At the stage of new construction, 58 foundations were installed under the towers and 58 power transmission line towers were installed. We also installed wire 185.3 km long, as well as ground wire (including OPGW).

It is worth noting the crossing of OHL through the Dnieper River, within which monolithic and pile foundations were installed with a total volume of more than 1000 m3. The foundations were mounted and end long-span support were installed with a total weight of 600 tonnes.

In the reconstruction of existing OHL, we replaced 123 towers and foundations. The reinstallation of the existing wire was over 219.4 km long. We installed a new ground wire (including OPGW) and also reconductored long-span supports through the Inhulets River.