Reconstruction of 330 kV OHL Kakhovska 750 kV-Ostrovska (new inv. No) and 330 kV OHL Kakhovska-Dzhankoi (new inv. No) for the construction of branch lines at 330/35 kV SS Sivash in Kherson region

This project was conditioned by the need to output capacity form 250 MW Sivaska wind power plant (WPP) and connection of a new 330 kV SS Sivash constructed under project 20/32 “New construction of 330/35 kV SS Sivash in Chaplynskyi district in Kherson region”.

This project was realized in one construction stage and included the following works:

– connection of SS Sivash by connection of 330 kV OHL Kakhovska-Dzhankoi, which required dismounting of conductors and wires on section 200A-202, installation of new anchor and angle tension towers at place of the existing suspension tower No. 200A and in a new location, as well as installation of two towers at approaches to the SS Sivash;

– reconstruction of 220 kV OHL Kakhovska-Titan by replacing the existing towers No. 280, 282 with anchor towers;

– reinstallation of conductors and wires towards the existing towers was performed using the existing amounts of deflection, without replacement of the wire on section 280-282;

– lightning conductor from 330 kV OHL Kakhovska 750 kV-Ostrovska was mounted on tower No. 281;

– the project provided for the replacement of tower No. 194 with an anchor tower;

– installation of two towers No. 194A and 201B needed to create a bridge between 330 kV OHL Kakhovska-Dzhankoi and 330 kV OHL Kakhovska 750 kV-Ostrovska.