Construction of 330 kV OHL from WPP CSS to SS Melitopolska. Reconstruction of intersection with 150 kV OHL

Single-circuit 330 kV overhead line from 35/330 kV Central SS at Zaporizka WPP to 330 kV SS Melitopolska has been constructed to connect the input generating capacities form the WPP to the electric power system of Ukraine. Construction of this power transmission line is of strategic importance for the purpose of project “Construction and operation of a wind power station with a capacity of 500 MW in Pryazovsk and Melitopol districts of Zaporizhzhia region”, as 35/330 kV Central SS at Zaporizka WPP (to which modern wind turbines are connected) will be connected to the operating 330 kV SS Melitopolska through the constructed 330 kV OHL from WPP Central SS to 330 kV SS Melitopolska.

Route of this 23.1 km long 330 kV OHL passes through the territory of Pryazovsk and Melitopol districts of Zaporizhzhia region.

Scope of the project also included reconstruction of the double-chain 150 kV OHL 436/437 at the intersection with the newly built 330 kV OHL.

The reconstruction was complicated due to the fact that it was only possible to disconnect the 150 kV OHL circle-by-circle and for the period of not more than 8 hours.

Design solution proposed by Structum LLC allowed to minimize duration of power interruptions on the 150 kV OHL.

In particular, the issue was resolved through construction of two temporary single-circuit OHLs, which allowed to disconnect circuits of the 150 kV OHL one-by-one for a period up to 8 hours.