Structum provides development services for power facilities, which particularly involves construction, evolution and improvement of the economic attractiveness of projects through attraction of investments.

Development – one of Structum’s activity areas

Structum offers a full range of development services:

  • Initiating and executing concept development. At the initial stage of development, Structum defines investment attractiveness of the future project and ways for its improvement to increase value and liquidity of the project and interest of investors.
  • Drawing up technical assignment and designing. This development stage involves preparation of perfectly balanced technical assignment and further elaboration of project documentation.
  • Obtaining permits and approvals. Obtaining of construction permits is an important stepping stone to project implementation. Within the frame of the development service, our specialists will obtain all the necessary permits.
  • Legal and technical analysis. Our specialists thoroughly study design and approval documentation to verify its compliance with building codes and legal acts.
  • Construction and engineering support. Structum performs a full range of construction and installation works and provides engineering support of the project. Competent construction inspection engineers exercise proper supervision of all departments on the worksite. Providing engineering support services, Structum holds responsibility for compliance with all requirements specified in the design documentation during execution of the project, monitors costs and adherence to the deadlines.
  • Commercial development and implementation of the finished construction project. This development stage involves commissioning of the project and improvement of its commercial attractiveness.

Development lies in full-service project support. By providing development services, Structum leads the construction process to minimize any eventual risks.

Development: why choose Structum

Our goal is to provide the Customer with high-quality development services. Therefore, being a reliable contractor, the company exerts every possible effort to ensure compliance of construction processes with all domestic and international norms and standards, focuses on introduction of the latest construction and installation technologies, ensures evolution and improvement of economic and commercial attractiveness of a project.

As a provider of development services, Structum is permanently improving its physical infrastructure and potential to stay prepared for execution of the most challenging projects. When delivering development services, our specialists have clear understanding of the sequence of all working stages to be performed for successful completion of the project, find the most effective solutions and apply them in the course of implementation of the construction projects.