Project support

Project and engineering support of construction by Structum

Project support service, which involves work management and quality control at all project implementation stages, is gaining increasing recognition on the construction market.

Structum provides project management, project support and construction supervision services on all working stages – from designing to commissioning of the finished construction project. Proper design and engineering support during construction of industrial and power facilities guarantees that any eventual risks are reduced to the lowest achievable level.

Analysis of design and construction documentation, monitoring at all construction stages, quality inspection and control of the performed works are only part of the total package of services rendered by Structum.

The construction project support package includes:

  • drawing up a complete technical assignment for execution of project works;
  • support during survey and design works and expert examination of the construction project documentation;
  • engineering support during performance of onsite installation and construction works;
  • controlling compliance with the requirements set out in the design documentation, building codes, rules and standards, work execution plan, etc.;
  • controlling quality and scope of works;
  • controlling construction deadlines adherence.

Benefits of project support

Construction project support during project implementation has multiple advantages, including:

  1. Absence of problems related to regulatory agencies. Structum specialists monitor adherence to norms and standards during project implementation, address the requirements set out in legal acts and regulations, control maintenance of as-built documentation.
  2. Minimization of financial risks. Analysis of the project cost estimating documentation minimizes the risks associated with mistakes in estimates, thus allowing to avoid unreasonable or unjustified costs.
  3. Absence of technical mistakes. Construction project support involves in-depth study of the entire project documentation package aimed at identification of errors and shortcomings and optimization of the proposed solutions.
  4. Renovation of facilities. Some facilities had been in operation for many years and were built using obsolete technologies. In such a case, technical support is aimed at updating of work processes and adoption of new technologies. Our professional personnel can offer various facility renovation options, define cost of works and assess economic feasibility.
  5. Prompt project updating in case of changes in available equipment. In case of delay in delivery of special-purpose machinery or other unexpected situations, which force the Customer to replace it with similar machinery, Structum specialists responsible for the project support will adjust the project cost estimating documentation and take care of obtaining of all necessary approvals.
  6. Compliance with regulations during execution of construction works. Engineering support requires engagement of a competent construction inspector on the worksite to control operations by all departments. Providing engineering support services, Structum holds responsibility for compliance with all requirements specified in the design documentation during execution of works.

Project support delivers confidence in success to the Customer, saves considerable amounts of money and shortens project time.

Advantages of project support service by Structum

Due to sound experience, attention to details and high level of professionalism, our construction project support specialists are able to deliver highest standard supervision of works at all execution stages.

Structum focuses on success of each customer project and guarantees high-class completion of construction facilities regardless of their size and complexity. Our specialists are able to assess and minimize all risks through implementation of professional management methods and construction techniques.