Solar power plants (SPP)

In recent years, scientists worldwide have been paying close attention to the design of power plants using environmentally friendly, or ‘green’ energy. And it is the sun that serves as the most powerful and accessible source of renewable energy.
In the light of global trends, Ukraine now has a lucrative environment for implementing solar energy projects. Renewable energy is gradually developing at the national level. Indeed, more and more households and businesses are shifting to renewable sources of energy.

Benefits of solar power plants installation

Solar power plants (SPP) are engineering facilities that transform solar energy into electrical energy. The most common type of solar power plants is photovoltaic solar power stations.
Installation of solar power plants is reasonable in many ways if to consider their features:

  1. Inexhaustible. Solar energy is obtained from the sun. It is an excellent source of energy, which, according to different data, is expected to emit energy for at least another 6-10 billion years. In contrast, fossil fuel reserves (gas, oil, coal) will have been depleted within a mere few dozen or hundred years.
  2. Ecological. Using solar power plants does not damage the environment. Moreover, running solar power plants does not require a water supply, which is vitally important for areas with limited water reserves.
  3. Noise-free. The equipment installed at solar power plants is free from any moving parts or mechanisms. Therefore, solar power plants are absolutely noiseless in operation.
  4. Easy to use. As a rule, solar power plants operate automatically. Their work can be controlled remotely. Even using large industrial solar power plants does not need a large staff, compared to supporting the operation of traditional gas- or coal-based power stations.
  5. Investing in solar power is economically justifiable. In most cases, their payback period does not exceed 4-5 years.
  6. Promoting energy independence. Developing solar power stations can grant energy independence to regions, as well as the whole country.

Construction of solar power plants in Ukraine is rapidly expanding. This is partly because Ukraine’s geographical location and climate create favorable conditions for solar energy growth.

Implementation of solar power plant construction from Structum

Structum provides services for construction of industrial solar power plants in Ukraine, from the design to the commissioning of finished industrial solar power plants.

An industrial solar power plant is a large ground-based grid solar power plant designed for generating vast amounts of solar energy.

Construction of industrial solar power plants is a complex technological process encompassing the following works:

  • site selection, evaluating the possibility of connecting to the grids, negotiating the conditions for land rent/purchase, and feasibility study;
  • solar resource assessment;
  • obtaining a power output diagram and registration of land rights;
  • creating submittals and obtaining a positive expert opinion;
  • obtaining a construction permit;
  • construction of foundations and supporting metal structures for the solar panels, access roads, platforms and conducting other construction works;
  • installation of power cable lines from the solar field to the SPP collector substation;
  • construction and installation of the SPP collector substation;
  • construction of an overhead power transmission line from the SPP collector substation to the end consumer;
  • testing with further commissioning of the industrial solar power plant.

It is worth noting that the detailed list of solar power plant construction works may be adjusted according to the specific needs of each particular facility.

Construction of solar power plants from Structum

Structum renders services for construction of industrial solar power plants. Our employees keep track of all the latest innovations in renewable energy field. This allows them to apply the best design and construction technology while implementing projects in Ukraine.

We employ only the most experienced and qualified staff. They are responsible for monitoring the progress of construction of industrial solar power plants at all stages and ensure that each facility is built on a high quality level and in the shortest terms. During the construction of industrial solar power plants, our employees follow all safety rules and regulations provided by ISO (International Organization for Standardization).

Having material and technical resources enables Structum to minimize the terms of facilities construction and installation.

Apart from construction of industrial solar power plants, Structum performs maintenance and reconstruction of existing renewable energy facilities.