The services provided under EPC contracts keep growing annually at the Ukrainian construction market. The reason for this that an EPC contract is the most convenient solution to implement the customer’s complex project provided that a reliable ЕРС contractor is chosen. An EPC contract provides for general contracting services where the general contractor is responsible for all the actions: from engineering, procurement and construction to commissioning and transfer of the project to the ultimate user or owner.
Structum performs full-cycle construction works in engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of power facilities.

The company’s operations cover all the construction stages based on the turn-key principle and include a wide range of construction services.

Many years of experience in implementation of EPC projects and all the necessary resources enable us to perform large-scale construction works.

The highly-qualified and experienced staff and its own advanced equipment let Structum LLC implement projects of any complexity level.

Structum as the general contractor controls each construction stage, from the start of project to the commissioning of the facility. Moreover, the company uses all the resources efficiently to achieve the economically positive results under its ЕРС contract.

Efficiency of project implementation directly depends on deadline management and reasonable costs.

As the general contractor, Structum is responsible for performing works as scheduled, their conformity to the project cost estimate and adherence to the best construction standards.
Since it implements all the components of the EPC on its own, Structum guarantees simplicity and transparency in cooperation and minimum costs to its customer.

Structum provides EPC+ services by engaging subcontractors into construction, but it retains liability to the customer for their deliverables.

Structum’s understanding of the market needs gives an opportunity to fully satisfy the customer’s needs and offer the best result.

Benefits of the EPC Contract for the Customer

An EPC contract has a number of benefits:

  • the ЕРС contractor performs a full range of works: engineering, procurement, construction – all the project implementation stages are effected by the general contractor;
  • fixed cost and deadlines of the projects that are stipulated in the contract. This form considerably mitigates financial and legal risks since the EPC contractor bears sole legal and financial liability to the customer;
  • shorter period of project implementation by the general contractor. The reason for this is that the EPC contractor is the single responsible entity, which enables it to concurrently develop design and detailed documentation, procure equipment and materials, and even perform construction and installation works;
  • considerable mitigation of economic and legal risks. The general contracting service provider is liable for most risks and unexpected delays;
  • mitigation of the risk of failure to achieve the expected targets of the facility;
  • fines and their conditions clearly established by the EPC contract.