Wind power plants (WPP)

Currently, there is a global trend towards the increasing use of renewable energy, also known as ‘green’ energy. Many countries are gradually turning away from gas and coal power plants and channeling their efforts into expanding renewable energy production. Nowadays, construction and using of renewable energy facilities is the most ecological and reasonable solution for obtaining energy from natural resources.

Apart from the absence of negative environmental impact, implementing construction of wind power plant projects has a whole range of other advantages, in particular:

  • inexhaustible resources;
  • the operation of WPP does not require a water supply, which is vitally important for areas with limited water reserves;
  • construction of wind power plant does not imply a large-scale transformation of the adjacent terrain, so the areas surrounding WPP can be used as agricultural plots;
  • low energy transmission losses, since a wind power plant can be construct quite close to the consumers;
  • low maintenance costs of wind power plants;
  • promoting energy independence of regions, as well as the whole country;
  • potential accidents on wind power plants do not have catastrophic consequences, unlike those at nuclear power plants;
  • a relatively small area required for construction of WPP.

Construction of wind power plant by Structum

Our company provides construction of wind power plant services.

Construction of WPP is a complex technological process that involves the construction of wind turbines, cable lines, a collector substation, and overhead power transmission lines.

A wind turbine generates electrical energy and then, via the cable lines (links), transmits it to the collector substation where this energy is collected and transmitted through the overhead line further to the end consumer.

Project implementation stages in construction of wind power plant

Structum offers a full scope of works (turn-key projects) for implementing the construction of renewable energy facilities, from design of wind power plant to the commissioning of finished object.

The design stage of wind power plants involves:

  • Site selection and wind resource assessment.
  • Evaluating the possibility to connect to the grids, negotiating the conditions for land rent/purchase, feasibility study.
  • Obtaining a power output diagram, registration of land rights.
  • Creating submittals and obtaining a positive expert opinion.
  • Obtaining a construction permit.

After designing of WPP the construction works are started.

Construction of wind power plant assumes:

  1. Installation of foundations, arrangement of access roads, platforms and conducting other construction works.
  2. Installation of power cable lines from the wind turbines to the substation of the wind power plant.
  3. Complex of construction and installation works of the wind power plant substation.
  4. Construction of OHL from the SS of the wind power plant to the end consumer.
  5. Testing with further commissioning of the facility.

It is worth noting that the detailed list of design of wind power plant and construction works may be adjusted according to the specific needs of each particular facility.

Design of wind power plant and construction services from Structum

Structum employs a team of professionals ensuring the design and construction of wind power plants to a high quality standard and on time. Years of experience allow us to implement effective solutions for renewable energy projects.

Furthermore, our employees constantly keep track of the latest studies at the global level to adhere to modern innovations in the design of wind power plants and their construction in Ukraine.

Structum controls process safety and work quality at all construction stages. Having material and technical resources enables us to optimize our work on project implementation, so we can speed up the facility commissioning time.

Last but not least, Structum performs maintenance and reconstruction of existing renewable energy facilities.