Wind power plants (WPP)

Nowadays, construction and operation of renewable energy facilities is the best eco-friendly and sustainable solution for generation of power from natural resources.

Apart from zero adverse environmental impact, implementation of wind power plant (wind farm) construction projects offers a number of other advantages, particularly:

  1. Inexhaustible resources for WPPs.
  2. Wind turbines require virtually no water to generate electricity, which is important for regions with limited water resources.
  3. Construction of wind power plants does not imply major modifications of the surrounding landscape, so areas near WPPs can be used as agricultural land.
  4. Low power transmission losses, since a wind power plant can be constructed quite close to the consumers.
  5. Low costs for operation and maintenance of wind turbines.
  6. Helps to achieve energy independence of both a single region and the entire country.
  7. Accidents at wind power plants do not have catastrophic consequences, unlike those at nuclear power plants.
  8. Construction of a wind farm requires relatively small land area.
  9. A wind farm can be built in a hard-to-reach location, for example, in mountainous regions.

Construction of a wind farm by Structum – protect execution stages

Our company delivers wind power plant (WPP) construction projects in the territory of Ukraine.

WPP construction is a complex engineering process that involves installation of wind turbines, construction of cable and overhead power transmission lines, transformer substations and other facilities and utility systems that enable reliable functioning of a wind power plant.

Wind turbines convert the wind’s kinetic energy into electrical energy. The generated electrical energy is transferred via cable lines to the power collection substation and is then output to the grid via OHL.


Design of wind power plants

Structum offers a full package of installation and construction works needed to deliver a turn-key project – from designing of WPP to its commissioning.
The wind power plant design stage includes:

  • Selection of site and wind resource assessment.
  • Grid connection analysis, negotiating land lease/sale conditions, feasibility study.
  • Obtaining the power output diagram, registration of land title.
  • Development of design estimate documentation and obtaining positive expert examination report.
  • Obtaining construction permit.

The construction works are started upon completion of the WPP design stage.

Construction of wind power plants

Construction of wind power plant includes:

  • Construction of wind turbine generator foundations and access roads, site preparation
  • Installation of power cable lines from wind turbines to the wind power plant substation
  • Construction of the wind power plant substation
  • Construction of the connecting overhead line for transmission of power to the grid
  • Start-up, adjustment and commissioning of the facility

It should be noted that the list of required construction works may vary according to specific needs of each particular project.

About Structum

Structum employs a team of professionals who ensure the design and construction of wind power plants the highest quality standards and on time. Years of experience allow us to implement effective solutions for renewable energy projects.

Structum monitors process safety and quality of works at all project stages. Due to the available material and technical resources, we can optimize project implementation activities and guarantee the earliest possible commissioning of the facility.

Besides, Structum performs maintenance and reconstruction of the existing renewable energy facilities.

Other renewable energy businesses by Structum

In addition to wind farm construction, Structum is also engaged in construction of solar power plants.