Cable lines

Rapid growth in the urban development sector raises the issue of electric power delivery to end users in dense urban planning environments. Given that construction of overhead power lines in cities is extremely complicated and sometimes even impracticable, installation of cable lines is the best power transmission alternative. Cable lines can be buried directly in ground, laid in cable channels or pipes, installed on the supporting structures or laid underwater. In practical terms, cable lines can be installed under almost any conditions.

Cable lines offer a number of benefits, including:

  • High reliability due to the reduced impact of weather conditions on the electrical grid (e.g. icing, wind or thunderstorms).
  • Low level of electromagnetic emission.
  • Relatively low maintenance costs.
  • Efficient land use.
  • No restrictions on activities near areas of cable line burial.
  • Resistance to physical impacts.
  • Moderate environmental effect.
  • Small land size required for cable line construction.
  • Operational safety.

Design, construction and reconstruction of cable lines by Structum

Structum construction company offers installation of cable lines up to 220 kV utilizing innovative techniques, appropriately selected equipment and high-quality materials. Structum uses innovative equipment by OMAC and TESMEC for the construction of underground power transmission networks. We use cable products with extruded high-temperature insulation (of cross-linked polyethylene and ethylene propylene rubber) from both Ukrainian and global manufacturers in the construction of power transmission cable lines.

Cable lines

Design and engineering of cable power lines

Design and engineering of cable lines is the initial stage of the construction process. It involves the following steps:

  • Defining optimal route for laying the cable line.
  • Drawing up the cable line route diagram.
  • Selecting cables with the required specifications and defining the best technical solution for the construction of cable line.
  • Determining construction and installation costs.
  • Issuance and expert evaluation of the design and estimate documentation.

Key stages of cable line construction

Cable line construction is started after issuance of design and estimate documentation and obtaining of the expert report. Direct burial is the most cost-effective and technically simple cable line installation method, which includes the following stages:

  1. Preparation and marking out the trench route.
  2. Trench excavation.
  3. Preparing the excavated trench for placement of cable lines.
  4. Installation of cable pulling rollers and additional pulling equipment.
  5. Cable pulling.
  6. Fastening the cable line in accordance with the project.
  7. Insulation resistance check.
  8. Installation of coupling and cable termination sleeves.
  9. Commissioning and start-up.

All construction stages – from design of a cable line to its commissioning – are carried out to a high professional standard, in compliance with the requirements of relevant regulatory documents and within the specified time frame. Having highly qualified staff, special-purpose machinery and equipment, we are ready to perform any kind of construction, installation, maintenance and start-up works.

laying the cable lines

Cable line restoration and maintenance

Maintenance or restoration of cable lines is generally needed in the event of physical wear or deterioration of materials, exposure to mechanical stresses or when a higher current capacity is required.

Structum offers a full package of cable line maintenance and restoration services:

  • Measurement of cable line performance parameters before starting and upon completion of the repair works.
  • Location of damaged cable line sections.
  • Replacement of damaged cable line sections.
  • Replacement of coupling and cable termination sleeves.

Maintenance and restoration of cable lines are carried out in accordance with the project documentation, which is developed based on the test data, results of the survey and assessment of the general condition of the cable line.

Other works for the power industry

Structum also offers design, construction and reconstruction of overhead lines and substations.