Today it is impossible to imagine living in a world without electricity. Disruption in power supply even for a short time causes financial losses for businesses and inconveniences for average people.

The electrical power system of Ukraine created in the Soviet times needs to be renovated. Equipment at many substations became out-of-date and its useful operating life has almost completely expired, which raises the issue of reconstruction and maintenance repair. Besides, it is difficult to guarantee reliable power supply to consumers without construction of new substations and up-to-date electrical grids.

Construction of substations by Structum

With available up-to-date technical assets and expert team, Structum construction company is able to construct substations for both power distribution and power transmission networks with a voltage from 35 up to 750 kV, as well as power collection substations for solar and wind plants. We are open for cooperation in any format, including the EPC contract framework, which involves the following steps:

  1. Substation design, i.e. the development and approval of the required engineering specifications.
  2. Site preparation, construction of temporary buildings and structures for further substation installation works.
  3. Installation of the grounding system and laying underground utility lines (water supply system, sewage, oil drains, etc.)
  4. Construction of foundations for power transformers, outdoor switchgear and busbar systems.
  5. Construction of indoor switchgear buildings and substation control houses.
  6. Construction of other necessary buildings and process facilities (artesian well, fire extinguishing pump house, waste treatment facilities, fire water storage tanks, oil sump tanks, warehouse buildings, access checkpoints, etc. depending on the selected design options).
  7. Construction of cable routes, laying power supply and control cables.
  8. Delivery of necessary equipment.
  9. Installation of power equipment and transformers.
  10. Installation of relay protection systems and devices.
  11. Installation of equipment of the automated process control system.
  12. Installation of equipment of the automated commercial power metering system.
  13. Installation of the communication equipment.
  14. Installation of equipment of the fire alarm, intrusion detection and video surveillance systems.
  15. Start-up, adjustment and commissioning of the facility.

Design of substations

The electrical substation design stage is performed to address specific building conditions, define the substation scheme, type and specifications of the main equipment, preparatory stages and connection to the grid, develop electrical engineering and structural solutions, circuit and wiring diagrams of the relay protection and automation relay protection system and automatic equipment.

Structum executes both new construction and reconstruction protects for 35-750 kV transformer substations.

Our advantages

Experience and professional competence of Structum specialists allows the company to ensure:

  • Technical support at all stages of substation construction
  • Selection of the most appropriate set of equipment
  • Equipment deliveries at reasonable prices and within tight time schedules
  • Implementation of innovations and cutting-edge solutions in the design and construction of substations
  • Warranty and post-warranty servicing

Building materials from both Ukrainian and global manufacturers used during construction of substations guarantee reliability and durability of the facility. Structure participates in the implementation of domestic international projects, e.g. construction of 330 kV overhead line Zakhidnoukrainska-Bohorodchany with reconstruction of two electrical substations – 330 kV Bohorodchany SS and 750 kV Zakhidnoukrainska SS.

Intelligent and effective project management brings down possible risks to minimum and ensures the best results at all performance stages – from design of substation to its commissioning.

Reconstruction of substations by Structum

Structum delivers package of works on reconstruction of substations up to 750 kV. The need for reconstruction of substations arises when the equipment becomes obsolete, it is necessary to introduce new technologies or to bring them in compliance with updated standards, as well as in case of changes in the system configuration. Reconstruction allows to:

  • Improve reliability of the electric power transmission system
  • Prevent power supply problems
  • Reduce process and operating costs

Other businesses by Structum

In addition to construction of substations, the Company is also engaged in the design, construction and reconstruction of overhead and cable power transmission lines.