Overhead power transmission lines

Overhead line construction from Structum

Hardly anyone could imagine his or her life without electricity these days. Electric power has become an integral part of all spheres of human activities: industry, agriculture, forestry, culture, sport, science, medicine, water supply, and many more.

Electric power is transmitted via electric grids, which include substations, power transmission lines and switchgears. Today, the most cost-effective method of long-distance power transmission is constructing overhead power transmission lines.

ЛЕП - Структум

Structum has been engaged for a long time in building strategic facilities satisfying the needs of the energy sphere. We have years of experience in constructing high-voltage power transmission lines, both in Ukraine and abroad.

Our company implements turnkey projects, from creating submittals to the commissioning of the ready facility.

The technical specifics of power line installation require adherence to national and international standards for construction quality and labor safety. It often happens that the construction and installation of overhead power lines take place in harsh natural or technical conditions (especially if the right-of-way has to cross a mountain area, water obstacle or high-density housing).

In power lines installation, it is essential to effectively plan the working process, involve qualified and motivated staff, and ensure the availability of equipment and specialized machines required for the project fulfillment. Structum employs experienced technical managers/coordinators responsible for monitoring and controlling the works at all stages of building power transmission lines.

Stages of overhead line construction

Project implementation starts with the design and engineering of overhead lines. This stage has the following to-do list:

  1. Define the necessary amount of equipment.
  2. Design the circuit diagram of the high voltage line.
  3. Draw up the schemes of IT systems and the layout of facilities to be commissioned.
  4. Schedule the power line construction works.
  5. Create descriptions of electrical equipment operation for the temporary and emergency modes.
  6. Conduct cost calculation, an economic feasibility study, etc.

Before the start of overhead transmission line construction, preparatory works are needed, such as making clearcuts in the vegetation and building temporary access roads for construction machines.

Building transmission tower foundations is the next stage in constructing overhead power lines. As a rule, metal transmission towers (angle dead-end and suspension ones) are erected on reinforced concrete foundations of various types and structures (assembled or monolith).

The following step in power line construction is the installation of transmission towers as such. Transmission towers are one of the key elements in electrical lines, so installing them is quite a sophisticated technological process. In most cases, transmission towers are installed by two methods: the rotation method [ПMO1] or the build-up (piecemeal) method.

Structum construction company has experience in installing power transmission lines with a voltage up to 750 kV.

Будівництво ЛЕП - Структум

After erecting transmission towers, building electrical lines is continued with wire installation. To install conductors and ground “guard” wires, or OPGWs, Structum uses an innovative pulling method that does not require lowering the wires to the ground surface, thus preventing mechanical damage and reducing electricity losses during transmission. This method allows us to uncoil and pull the wires in the air with the help of specialized machines, namely hydraulic pullers and tensioners manufactured by Tesmec (Italy). Also, such an option makes it easier to cross transport routes and engineering facilities.

Wire installation using the pulling method has the following main stages:

  • preparatory works;
  • uncoiling and pulling the lead line;
  • pulling a metal cable using the lead line;
  • metal cable stringing, alignment and fastening;
  • pulling the wires, installing line spacers.

Structum’s state-of-the-art technical assets enables it to install overhead power lines under induced voltage. The company controls the quality and safety of work throughout the whole process of constructing the electrical lines.

Restoration of power transmission lines

Structum offers electrical line restoration services. While renovating a power line, we repair its parts and elements or replace them. Restoration works on power lines are aimed at increasing their throughput capacity by using wires with a larger cross-section, upgrading to a higher voltage class, increasing mechanical reliability and other techniques.