Overhead power transmission lines

The most cost-effective method of long-distance power transmission today is construction of overhead power transmission lines.

Overhead line construction by Structum

Since its foundation in 2013, Structum has been engaged in construction of critical power facilities. We have years of experience in constructing high-voltage power lines in Ukraine and abroad.

Our company implements turnkey projects, from development of submittals to commissioning of the ready facility.

OHL - Structum
The construction of OHL 330 kV “Novokakhovska – Khersonska”

Technical aspects of power lines installation require adherence to national and international standards for construction quality and labour safety. Structum is certified for compliance with ISO management standards (Quality Management System, Environmental Management System, Occupational Health and Safety Management System).

In power lines installation, it is important to effectively plan the working process, engage qualified staff, and ensure availability of equipment and special-purpose machinery. More than 300 experienced Structum’s technicians and administrative employees monitor and control progress of works at all stages of power line construction. Besides, the company has almost one hundred special-purpose equipment units, including sets of Italian stringing equipment by TESMEC able to ensure tension of 25-180 kN.

Stages of overhead lines construction

Project implementation starts with design and engineering of overhead lines, which includes:

  1. Preparation of technical design assignment for the designed object.
  2. Feasibility study and selection of the optimal transmission line route.
  3. Engineering surveys and collection of necessary input data
  4. Development of design documentation for the construction of the overhead power line.
  5. Coordination of engineering documentation with owners of power networks and other parties concerned.
  6. Expert examination of design and estimate documentation for construction.

Before the start of overhead transmission line (OHL) construction, Structum carries out preparatory works, such as cutting of trees and construction of temporary access roads for specialized machinery.

Construction of transmission tower foundations is the next stage in constructing overhead power lines. As a rule, metal transmission towers (angle-tension and suspension ones) are erected on reinforced concrete foundations of various types and structures (precast or monolith).

The following step in the power line construction is installation of transmission towers itself. Installation of towers is rather sophisticated technological process. In most cases, Structum installs transmission towers by two methods: the rotation method or the build-up method.

The next step in the power line construction is installation of conductors. To install conductors and ground wires or OPGWs, Structum uses an innovative pulling method that does not require lowering the wires to the ground surface, thus preventing mechanical damage. This will reduce future electricity losses during operation of the transmission line. This stringing method also facilitates crossing of transport routes and engineering facilities.

The pulling method allows uncoiling and pulling the wires in the air with the help of specialized machines. To this end, Structum uses hydraulic pullers and tensioners manufactured by Tesmec, Italy. Wire installation using the pulling method has the following main stages:

  • preparatory works;
  • uncoiling and pulling the lead line;
  • pulling a wire using the lead line;
  • wire tensioning, alignment and fastening;
  • wire mounting, installation of line spacers.
OHL construction - Structum
The construction of OHL 330 kV “Novokakhovska – Khersonska”

Restoration of power transmission lines

Structum offers electrical line restoration services. While renovating a power line, we repair its parts and elements or replace them. Restoration works on power lines are aimed at increasing their capability by using wires with a larger cross-section, upgrading to a higher voltage class, or increasing mechanical reliability, etc.

Other works for the power industry

In addition to the design and installation of overhead power transmission lines, Structum is engaged in construction and reconstruction of cable lines and substations.